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Birthday Wishes/Quotes for the Cake in Hindi

Birthdays are extra special with cake! Here are some fun messages to write on a cake, in a mix of Roman Hindi and English, for your loved ones:

Happy B’day! Wish you many more! (Salamat Janamdin! Aur bhi bahut saal aayein!) – A classic and simple birthday wish.

Tumhara din shानदार (shaandar) ho! Cake khao, masti karo! (Have a fantastic day! Eat cake, have fun!) – This message encourages the birthday person to enjoy their day.

Yeh cake tumhare liye hai, soch mat karo, kha jao! (This cake is for you, don’t think twice, eat it!) – A playful message that tells the birthday person to dig in!

Blow out the candles, make a wish, and get ready for cake! (Bujhao candles, karo ek tamanna, aur cake ke liye ho jao taiyaar!) – This reminds everyone about the fun birthday traditions.

Yeh cake jitna mitha hai, tumhari zindagi usse bhi zyada mithi ho! (May your life be even sweeter than this cake!) – This message uses the sweetness of the cake to wish for a happy life.

Dancing shoes peheno, cake cutting ka time hai! (Put on your dancing shoes, it’s cake cutting time!) – A fun message to get everyone ready to celebrate!

Yeh cake sirf tumhare liye hai, sochne ki baat nahi! (This cake is only for you, no thinking!) – This playfully tells the birthday person to claim their special cake.

What should you be careful about when you’re writing on a cake:

Use frosting or icing that’s easy to write with.

Practice writing your message beforehand.

Keep it short and sweet, there’s not a lot of space!

Have fun and be creative!

By adding a personal message to the cake, you can make the birthday celebration even more special.