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Birthday Wishes in Hindi: Special Messages and Shayaris

Birthdays are a special occasion in anyone’s life. Everyone wants to make their loved ones feel extra special on their birthday. While expensive gifts have their place, it’s the words that leave a lasting impression on the heart. If you want to express your feelings from the heart, you can send a loving message. Here are some selected messages and shayaris in Hindi, English, and Sanskrit.

Hindi Messages:

Naye prabhat ka surakshit aanchal bhara mile yash-vaibhav se,
Vismit hon sab gam atit ke jo dekhen ho shaishv se.
(May the new dawn bring you a safe embrace filled with success and prosperity,
May all the sorrows of the past be forgotten when you look back from childhood.)

Khushiyan aapke zindagi mein behisab ho, aaj ka har ek pal khas ho.
(May your life be filled with countless joys, may every moment of today be special.)

Ye toh ek rasm-e-jahan hai jo ada hoti hai,
Varna suraj ki kahan saalgiraah hoti hai.
(This is just a ritual of the world that is performed,
Otherwise, when does the sun have an anniversary?)

Har saal janmdin aapke liye tarakki banke aaye,
Aapke liye khushi ke naye-naye avsar laye.
(May every year your birthday come as progress,
May it bring new opportunities for happiness for you.)

Janmdin ke ye khas lamhe tumhen mubarak,
Aankhon mein bes naye khwab mubarak,
Zindagi jo lekar aayi hai aapke liye aaj,
Wo tamaam khushiyon ki hansi saugat mubarak.
(Congratulations on these special moments of your birthday,
Congratulations on the new dreams in your eyes,
The life that has brought today for you,
Congratulations on the gift of laughter of all those joys.)

Tum muskurati raho zindagibhar
Aisi dil se dua hai hamari
Har subah aur har sham zindagi
Sada mahakti rahe tumhari.
(May you smile throughout your life
This is our heartfelt prayer
May your life be fragrant every morning and evening

Aapke jivan mein hamesha aanand aur sukh ho! Janmdin ki hardik shubhkamnaen!
(May there always be joy and happiness in your life! Happy birthday!)

Sanskrit Shayari:

Dirghaayuraarogyam astu, suyashash bhavatu, vijayah bhavatu, janmdin shubhechhaa: (May you live a long and healthy life, may you be famous, may you be victorious, happy birthday wishes)

Tips for Writing a Heartfelt Birthday Message

Focus on the person’s unique qualities and accomplishments. What makes them special? What are you most grateful for about them?

Share a personal memory or story. This will make your message more meaningful and relatable.

Keep it short and sweet. No one wants to read a novel-length birthday message.

Use your own words. Don’t just copy and paste a generic message from the internet.

Proofread carefully. Make sure your message is free of errors.

With a little effort, you can write a birthday message that will truly touch the recipient’s heart.